Meanda and other stories [new revised edition], 2017

The expanded and revised edition of Meanda (English only) will be published in 2017 and will include new stories and the ‘Exoplanet Song’.

Tania Candiani Ear Trumpets Photo Yohann Gozard

Lyrics by Tracey Warr, for a collaboration with artist Tania Candiani and her cliff-top listening device at Saint Cirq Lapopie in the Exoplanet Lot exhibition. Photo: Yohann Gozard.

Exoplanet Song

Of things I’d rather keep in silence I must sing

so bitter do I feel toward you

whom I love more than anything.

You left me for another planet,

my forests silent, my seas emptied.

Come home now. I have healed the scars you graved.

It’s not right another celestial body takes you away from me.

Remember how it was with us in the beginning!

Come home. We could still have much time together

Before the death throes of the sun begin.

I send you there, on your exoplanet,

this song as messenger and delegate.

Come home my lovers, my humans.

Song adapted from ‘A chantar m’er de so qu’eu no volria’ by the 12th century Occitan trobairitz (female troubadour) Comtesse de Dia.