Has water evolved us?

Extracts from an interview on my writing with Sarah Gray on Soundart Radio. Listen in

‘I’m trying to have water as a protagonist but trying not to anthropomorphise it….

I’m engaging with water as an entity. It’s probably extraterrestrial. There is a theory that it came from outer space….

In my regular train commutes along the coast I tried to imagine what it would it look like with a significant sea level rise, what would be visible above a 4 metre sea level rise….


My book, The Water Age and other fictions includes a short story about scientists in Iceland trying to graft themselves with algae, and it includes my novella, Meanda. Meanda is a water exoplanet. I invented a mycelium translator that could be charged up through tree sap and enable the Meandans (amphibians) to communicate with humans. The great thing about fiction is it’s got to be credible but you don’t have to work out all the details of how things work!

The Meandans involve water in their decision making. They treat other species and entities as their equals.

Diverse bits of my work feed each other. The mycelium idea came from an art project I was working on with Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius for the Zooetics project. That project, in turn, was inspired by J.G. Ballard’s stories, in Vermilion Sands, of a dress and a psychotropic house made from living plant materials that respond to the wearer’s or the inhabitant’s body chemistry and emotions.

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