1 Annantalo Childrens Workshop

Not being able to immerse during the current lockdown is hard going for those of us who are hydrophiles. In 2018 I published three small books with the series title, The Water Age. They were the culmination of my research in the arts and ecology project, Frontiers in Retreat.

One book is a collection of short future fiction stories, including Meanda, which is set on a watery exoplanet; Asbru, which imagines researchers grafting themselves with algae in Iceland; and other stories exploring slime technologies, aquatic biomimicry, and water as an extraterrestrial.

The other two books are collections of instructions for art and writing workshops focused on water: one is for children’s workshops and the other for adults. These latter two books derived from workshops I ran at a range of places including HIAP on Suomenlinna Island, Finland; Annantalo children’s art school in Helsinki (pictured above); on the ferry going to Uto island, Finland; Glen Nevis in Scotland; OVADA in Oxford; Modern Art Oxford, and a primary school in Northumberland.

If you are interested in running water art or writing workshops yourself for children or adults, books 2 and 3 give simple instructions that you can follow and adapt for your own workshops. The books are available as paperbacks or ebooks from Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

And here are some other watery resources to check out and keep you going in these dry times:

Tuomas A. Laitenen art with octopuses

Outdoor Swimming Society on lockdown swimming

Wet Sounds underwater/in water soundart

Amy Sharrock’s Museum of Water

Tine Bech’s pool art The Big Swim

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